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.... Puerto Malabrigo

Malabrigo Mayor and Bruce Peru founder
Poor children, Peru
The Children
Malabrigo founding Volunteers
Founding Volunteers
Commemorating with a wooden fish the moment when our founder and the Mayor of Puerto Malabrigo agreed to work together. to help the poorest children of Puerto Malabrigo. PC class at Malabrigo Children's Center Malabrigo scene
Lorenzo giving PC class
Malabrigo scene
Volunteers in front on Malibrigo  City Hall
Bruce Peru logo on Malabrigo Center
Facad of Malabrigo Centre
Volunteers & PC Students, Malabrigo
Volunteers & PC Students
Volunteers in front of the Town Hall
  March 27 to 30 (dates subject to change) National Surfing Championship (Malabrigo) This is celebrated every year in the Port of Malabrigo. It is one of the main events during Easter; as it attracts surfers from not only Peru but the entire world. The competition features surfing on the world's highest wave: including Long Board and Body Board races.